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Who We Are

Heather Dority

Project Leader, Graphic Design Monkey

Heather (aka Heatherness) is a graphic and web designer who got fed-up with advertising as a career and turned instead to World Domination. She has recently turned back to graphic design, deciding that World Domination might just be Too Much Effort and is also in the process of developing a secret parallel life as a massage therapist. Her background includes 13 years worth of service bureau, e-commerce, team management, advertising, company image, game interface design, ferret wrangling, blah, blah, etc. See her incredibly outdated portfolio site here. E-mail: heather at gyft dot org.

Jason Asbahr

Co-Conspirator, Technocrat

These days, Jason (jasbahr) spends his time designing games and writing virtual world software. In a past life, he developed e-commerce software for a variety of clients. These exploits include: the development of Web Storefront for Allied Signal, a major manufacturer of automotive aftermarket parts including the Bendix, Autolite, and Fram product brands; the enhancement of a Web Storefront for Ingram Internet Support Services, Inc., a division of Ingram, the parent company of wholesale suppliers Ingram Micro and Ingram Books; the development of Specialty Foods Web-based online order processing system for Carest Associates; and the development of HOT TIP, a Web-based online survey data collection system for FSD Data Services. He also remembers the blink tag. E-mail: jason at gyft dot org.