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What is Gyft?

Gyft is a Game
Gyft is a set of ideas having to do with exploring interactions with other people and new ideas, encouraging playfulness and creativiity, and opening oneself up to new experiences. These ideas are written as instructions on cards, which are passed from person to person. To play, one simply follows the instructions and then gives the card away. Find out more by learning How to Play. Or, go straight to the Library to see the cards.

Why play?
People participate in Gyft for different reasons. There are cards that involve self-analysis, playing children's games, screaming, learning how to communicate better, finding out about others' pasts, exploring the senses, and more. Some cards make you think, some cards make you question your assumptions, and some cards are just for fun. Players choose the cards they play and people they play with, making the game a very personal experience. You can even play with strangers, and through playing, make them less strange.

And then what happens?
Something unusual. As the cards pass from hand to hand, connections form between players. A community emerges based on the idea of "gifting", with these simple cards as the catalyst. There are alternatives to "every man for himself," and in the gift culture, the idea is that you do something for someone else, expecting nothing from it other than the joy of giving. In this game, the material gift is the card, but the real gift is what you put into the interaction you have with others. As someone else takes that card and plays it with someone new, the gift is passed on. As more people participate, the community grows. Our hope is that as players experience this, they will discover ways to apply the gifting concept to other areas of their lives.

OK, so who's responsible here?
You are! As players come up with new ideas, they create new cards for everyone to play. The game is highly decentralized except for central location of the library (this website), where new cards can be added by players and (soon) acquired for play in person and on the web. Everything else is in the hands of the players.