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Hearing about other peoples' experiences while playing the game can be a big part of what makes it so rewarding. So, if you have something to share...a story, something you learned, something that made you wonder, observations or reactions...send them to ping at gyft dot org and we'll post them here. Be sure to include the card title and the name you want us to use.


Badger writes: The gifting is going well. People are taking to it like frogs to rain. The first card I played was with a fellow - a black man with beautiful, beautiful dreadlocks. He was sitting in a small clump of trees looking somewhat bewildered. The card said "Where is your spiritual home?" He read it and his eyes strarted tearing up and he looked at me, smiled, and said "My spirtual home is in Zimbabwe where I'm a refugee from Robert Mogawbe. I can't go home because I have no other home. Thank you for reminding of why I miss it so much." Can't say more.


Chad writes: Ok, I LOVE playing your cards...They are the best social game I've ever played...they've beaten pictionary...which is saying something. Now, on with my story: This card was my third play. When I read it I had someone in mind, a girl who I'd been intimidated to approach previously that day. She was so beautiful and she was surrounded by some of the most beautiful people at Flipside...which is really saying something as this was my first Flipside and I was AMAZED at how many gorgeous and wonderful people were there! Anyhoo, I happened along to Tiki one night and there she was, talking to a guy. I sat in a chair about 4 ft. from her and waited casually. A few minutes later the guy left. When I looked over at her, she was already looking at me/in my direction. I smiled and said hi. Four sentences into the conversation I asked her if she would follow me blindly. She gave me a half smile with a curious head tilt and said "Maybe." I said, "Well, I'm going to stand up and if you stand up as well, I'm taking it for a 'Yes'." As I stood I offered her my hand and ...SHE TOOK IT!!! YEAH! I asked her to close her eyes and she did. I lead her around and (forgetting everything else the card instructs me to do) began talking with her as I guided her around the Main theme camp area. I ended up taking her over to the man/to-be-burned tower thing. We climbed to the top and sat talking for about an hour... All said and done we spent the next 7 hours together that night, had what we both agreed was the best kiss of our lives (first try!) and have greatly enjoyed each others company outside of Flipside. She is one of the most wonderful people I've ever met and it never would have happened if I hadn't been given the false bravado of's card system. Thank you guys so very much!


Gecjsc writes: I went to a radio sponsored concert. These two probly 12 yr old guys came up to where I was body painting, and tried to persuade me that an empty soda can was really the new "non-drip-pepsi." I acted extremely interested (as im used to screwing with people myself) until I remembered my card that said to whisper and then when someone whispers back give em the I kept asking them to explain how the non drip pepsi worked and saying, "your talking so loud your hurting my ears." First they were weirded out but they started whispering and I handed it over. They reported back to me 45 mins later to say they had done it with some kids, then followed those kids around to watch it all over again.


Gecjsc writes: I had the lieing one where you concoct a story until the person notices your card around your neck that says "I'm lying etc etc etc" so I walked up to this group and right away this guy starts reading it so I turned it around and started joking with him..then I started talking bout how I was a yugoslavian exchange student a few yrs ago and all their weird customs and then I mentioned that this guy (that 1st looked at the card) was there with me. Well he didn't like that and he got really angry and started screaming that he didnt know me. (This was at a party where alcohol intoxication is the only way to have a "good time") I tried to explain and ask him to read the card at that point but he kept yelling, "I dont care! I just dont care!" I was like "you're observant, that's a good ****ing thing so just read the card!" but he wouldnt have it so I did it w/ his friend who was not observant and I had to hold the card next to my face but I gave it to him, and the guy was still huffing about and I tried explaining again and it got more mad. It was like communication completely laid out in all its complication and mininterpretation. I was frustrated cause I was trying to say, "look if you'd just read the card this would all make sense to you!" Its like when you only receive a partial story or don't really understand where someone's coming from or what they 'want' from you. But great are going around Richmond Va =)


Corprew writes: Gyft, incidentally, is the coolest ****ing thing on the planet. When I have Sunday get togethers at my house, I tape one of the cards I got at the end of flipside to the door so that people waiting to be let in have to read the back. The two cards so far are 'Balance' and 'Get it out.'