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Find a Card to Play!

On the Internet

To play, you must first select a card from a list. For now you must place the URL in an email or IM and send it along with a message. To browse the card library, choose a list type using the navigation on the left or clicking one of the graphics below:

In Person

Currently, the only way to get a physical card is to be given one or to find one lying around somewhere.

If you have a card, follow the instructions. If you are given a card, follow the instructions. Simple, no? We designed it so that you can play without knowing any rules other than what's on the card. Well, there is one...keep the cards in-play!

There are currently about 10,000 hand-distributed cards roaming the world. We are investigating online e-store and retail distribution possibilities as well. Until then, play them if you have them!

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