Submission Form

Guidelines for Adding New Cards

It's great that you want to contribute! It's important that you're familiar with what Gyft is about and how the game works, and that you're relatively sure that the card you're about to submit doesn't already exist in the Library. Please read all of this page and then send in your new ideas!

Card Fronts (Instructions)

Each card must have a title and instructions for both playing the card and passing it on. It is important that the card be kept in play, so instructions on how to do so are necessary. Character limits are 35 characters for the title, and 300 characters for the instructions. A color scheme can be chosen to go with the art submitted for the back.

Card Backs (Art)

The image for the card back must be 656 pixels wide by 1016 pixels tall. The file format must be either JPEG with highest image quality selected or TIFF with LZW compression. Please do not send files over 1MB. The graphic can be almost anything as long as you legally own the image. Almost...

Nudity, sexual content, and human representation: Think "PG." Though Gyft was created with adults in mind, it would be irresponsible to assume that kids won't play it or see it. So, please err on the side of innocence when it comes to the visuals. We'll reject what doesn't belong.

Words and text: The only wording allowed on the backs of cards will be artist's signatures and insignias. Keep in mind that shameless and blatant advertising will be frowned on by the community. If you use a large signature or insignia, you may want to adjust the opacity of it so the pretty image, not the logo, is what stands out.

Send It!

Until we get the form online, please e-mail all information for new cards to newcards at gyft dot org. For your user profile, please include a preferred user name (required), real name (optional), a photo (optional), and anything you'd like to write about yourself. Thanks for contributing!